Latinx states (pt.1?) 

….in which FL is the only non-chicanx latinx gdfhggf 


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El Santuario de Chimayo - Chimayo, New Mexico

The El Santuario de Chimayo is considered the most important pilgrimage site in the United States. Its popularity owes to the curative powers of the “Tierra Bendita” or “holy dirt” found in a small hole in a precept off the main altar. For nearly 200 years, the dirt is believed by many to have miraculous healing powers over a wide variety of ailments and afflictions.

One of the most visited tourist attractions in New Mexico, the Santuario hosts over 300,000 visitors a year. During Holy Week alone, over 30,000 people from all over the world make the pilgrimage to Chimayo. The local tradition is to walk, and people walk to Chimayo from all over the state of New Mexico, some traversing over 100 miles. Some people make the journey barefoot or on their hands and knees, and others carry enormous wooden crosses or put cactus needles in their shoes in order to demonstrate their devotion.

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City Of Coronado Sunset For Lani

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Artemis: Is there anything or anyone you would protect fiercely?

Myself, my people and my brother and close friends.


White Sands National Monument - New Mexico - USA (von satosphere)


Eh, I suppose they’re alright fer the most part. I don’t find myself out there often, but once in a while I visit. Actually I’m leavin’ tomorrow to see California fer a few days.

But speakin’ of Cris, he’s ‘nother fine example of old people bein’ old people. I first met him briefly back durin’ the Mexican American war and then sparringly throughout the years, but that man I swear…He’s like a second Florida, only less annoyin’ since I actually don’t have to deal with him. He holds some deep seated grudge ‘gainst me fer Fremont fer what reason I have no idea that’s almost rivalin’ Floren’s grudge fer the Patriot War. I think the man’s just plain hostile back then to anyone that’s remotely pale. Thankfully, that attitude had more or less waned over the years, so now he doesn’t hurl a spear at me every time I show my face ‘round there, haha. He really needs to work on that inferiority complex of his though…

And y’all already know what I think ‘bout Jack and what our relationship’s like. There’s actually another Nevada that I know. I don’t know him all that well, but from the times I’ve talked to him he seems like a really chill guy. I think we’d get along just fine.

The Arizona brothers are another chill bunch that I’ve had the pleasure of knownin’. The younger one Allen always strikes me as a pretty decent  and quiet kid, but the older one Gabriel…he’s an interestin’ one, I’ll tell what. I can’t tell if he’s jokin’ or actually hittin’ on me half the time when I talk to him…

Then there’s that Mormon Udell. I…try not to see him too much. I mean, he ain’t a bad guy, but it’s just hard to talk to him sometimes ‘cause he likes bringin’ up religion and I ain’t always all ‘bout that. Plus he’s…kinda weird. N-not that there’s anythin’ wrong with it - I just can’t see myself with more than one girl at a time, ya know? But aside from those two things, he’s pretty fun to be with when ya wanna do somethin’ crazy on a whim, like go water skiin’ or bungee jumpin’, or bikin’ up rocks. That one time he set up a human slingshot over the lake where we had a get together with the others was just, wow.

Let’s see, who else…Catori. I think she’s pretty nice, though on the quiet side. She definitely keeps to herself a lot, though I don’t think she’s shy or anythin’ like that. The only person who I see her openin’ up to are either that Allen kid or that one guy…What’s his name ‘gain? Zach, or somethin’ other, right? I think he’s Colorado…Honestly I ain’t got much to say ‘bout him since we’ve barely talked, but I seem him from afar and I’d say he’s an alright guy? Clearly he has a thing fer older woman. I guess he also must always be on the go, since he’s always in a bike suit.

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