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[Again, wouldn’t have been written in English. It’d’ve been in Spanish or one of the Pueblo dialects or maybe Navajo.]

February 3, 1862

I wish this war would end soon. I’m sick of war, and I’m definitely sick of wars that I don’t have any say in. The Confederacy and the North need to keep the fighting to themselves. I want to be left out of it. Gabriel has joined the Confederacy. I’m worried about Allen. I want this to end, I want it to end by the end of the year.

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Okay but can we talk about the moon and the mountains and the sky?


Elephant Butte Lake, New Mexico, USA


Ai Weiwei collaborates with Navajo artist in Coyote Canyon on site specific installation.


necklace, Lita Atencio (Santo Domingo)


La Posta Restaurant on site of old Corn Exchange Hotel, Mesilla, New Mexico

Photographer: Barnes & Caplin
Date: 1930 - 1940?
Negative Number 057226